PC Based M@th Project for High School Students

Basic Info

• The main objective of this project was to improve the quality of mathematics education in secondary schools. This was achieved by targeted instructions with the help of modern software.

• We used the e-learning software M@th Desktop (MD) on the basis of Mathematica, which is a Computer Algebra System. MD supports various teaching styles through its flexible handling.

• In the first year the students gained knowledge of MD, and in the second year they worked on a project of applied mathematics.

• The math project was planned and carried out together with a partner country.

• The students used their math and ICT knowledge to develop, calculate and document mathematical models.

• Our outcome was the presentation of the math projects by the students in the final meeting and
a web page, from which all math projects documents are downloadable.

• The teachers got a sound training for teaching math with the help of modern educational software
and they came to understand the benefits of the "Blended Learning" concept.

• The evaluation was accomplished by two Professors from Universities in Austria and in Portugal.

• The project appeals to high schools in Europe. 14 schools were participating from 11 countries, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia.