Meeting in Rovaniemi

24.08.09 - 30.08.09

Finland – Rovaniemi – Lyseonpuiston lukio – local project meeting – CZ, PL, PT, SL
Training of teachers and students in Mathematica +M@th Desktop – Raimo and Osmo Huhtala
Poland – ZST Technical College Mikolow - 1 teacher + 1 student
Slovakia – Gymnazium Antona Bernolaka - 1 teacher + 4 students
Czech Republic – Gymnazium Teplice - 1 teacher + 2 students
Portugal – Fundacao Escola Professional de Setubal - 2 teachers + 6 students
Finland – Lyseonpuiston lukio - 2 teacher + 20 students
Topic of training Trigonometry, Algebra, Linear and Quadratic Functions, Analytic Geometry and Probability.
Presentation by the students from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia about their countries and schools.
Planning and discussion of the first version of the common project – “Math e-learning”.
Visit of the Museum Arktikum with a lot of info about the North and its nature. Visit to Sondankyla Geophysical Observatory, where Professor Tauno Turunen made a lesson about the Atmosphere, Northern lights and global Warming.
Dissemination activities:
Protocol written by Ela Jablonska
Short presentation about the project for the whole school made by Raimo Huhtala
Article in Czech language written by Czech students
Info on the web page of Gymnazium Teplice
Info on the web page of Fundacao Escola Professional de Setubal
Info on the web page of Lyseonpuiston lukio
Info on the web page of ZST Technical College Mikolow
Info on the web page of Gymnazium Antona Bernolaka
Info on the web page

Some participants visited Santa Claus Village.