Meeting in Setúbal

10.10.2009 - 15.10.2009

Austria – BHAK + BHAS Wien 10 – 1 teacher +3 students
Finland – Lyseonpuiston lukio - 2 teachers + 15 students
Norway – Raelingen videregaende skole - 2 teachers + 2 students
Portugal – Fundacao Escola Professional de Setubal - 1 teacher + 6 students
Germany – Bettina-von-Arim-Gymnasium - 1 teacher
Topic of training
The students were divided in groups containing at least one student from each country. Both groups had the same assignment. The meeting was used to work with the final project – “Ski jumping”. The students figured out what they had to do when coming home to their own school.
Dissemination activities:
Protocol from the project meeting – Tone Kjelsberg
Info on the web page of Raelingen videregaende skole
Brochure in Norwegian language
Presentation about the project PCM on a conference held by the National Agency in Gardermoen, Norway