Meeting in Siauliai

25.04.2009 - 01.05.2009

Lithuania – Siauliai - Didzdvaris gymnazium – common project meeting – AT, CZ, DK, FI, IS, NO, PL, PT

Training of teachers and students in Mathematica +M@th Desktop – Reinhard Simonovits

Topic of training – Exponentional growth and decay
Presentation of the students from Denmark, Iceland, Czech Republic, Finland and Lithuania about their countries and schools
Presentation and discussion of the first version of the web page made by Raimo Huhtala
Introduction of the Moodle platform and training teachers how to download files by Celia Oliveira
Full filling the midterm report
Planning the dates of the future meetings for the second project year
Evaluation of the first project year and questionnaire for the students

Dissemination activities:
Protocol written by Osmo Huhtala
Article in Czech language written by Czech students
Info on the web page of Gymnazium Teplice
Info on the web page of Menntaskolinn i Kopavogi
Info on the web page of Didzdvaris gymnasium
Info on the web page of Fundacao Escola Professional de Setubal
Info on the web page
Info on the web page of Siauliai municipality
Interview with Reinhard Simonovits on the web page of Didzdvaris gymnazium
Article in Czech language in the local newspapers Teplicky denik